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DVD Pick: One Week

One Week
Director: Michael McGowan

A Canadian Road trip movie that stars a sullen guy with terminal cancer and more Canuck symbols than an RCMP musical ride seems tailor-made to grind the teeth of the most patriotic citizen. Yet One Week manages to celebrate life and Canada without jerking tears or waving the flag too strenuously.

Ben Tyler (Joshua Jackson) is droning away at a dullsville Toronto job, avoiding his ambitions and sleepwalking into marriage with his fiancée Samantha (Liane Balaban), when he learns the clock is ticking on a cancer diagnosis, and survival isn’t guaranteed even if he submits to brutal treatment.

Ben instead opts to skip town on a newly acquired motorbike, heading to B.C. on a trip he knows is delaying the inevitable.

Extras include a director’s commentary, cast interviews and behind-the-scenes footage plus bonus road trippage.

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