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DVD Pick: Sin Nombre

Sin Nombre
Cary Joji Fukunaga

Sin Nombre translates as “without name.” In this drama of fugitive immigrants and gang violence along the U.S.-Mexico frontier, it refers to the characters’ anonymous and unwanted status in the U.S., the promised land for many Latin Americans.

Getting stateside requires a combination of stealth and guile for anyone lacking the cash and connections.

Character motivations are complicated and completely understandable. Among the film’s many revelations is a cast of talented unknowns who stand to become much better known in years to come — which makes the “no name” title seem ironic.

A train drama that is usually the stuff of Bond film fantasy or cheap CGI trickery is rendered with documentary veracity by Adriano Goldman’s award-winning camera work, which, like the action, never lets up.

The harsh realities of Sin Nombre could be pulled straight from today’s headlines, The real source, though, is the heart and mind of writer/director Cary Fukunaga, who exhibits technical skills and life insights not often found in rookie filmmakers.

Extras include deleted scenes and a commentary by Fukunaga and producer Amy Kaufman.

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