DVD Review: Dead Dreams - Metro US

DVD Review: Dead Dreams

Dead Dreams

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Director: Josh Koffman
  • Stars: Corey Sevier, Christian Potenza, Amber Goldfarb
  • Rate: * 1/2

It’s hard to be too hard on a homegrown horror movie like Dead Dreams, but low budget forgiveness aside, the flick is a chore to endure. A stubble faced shlub suffering from amnesia wakes up to come face to face with what appears to be Ringo Starr in a Le Chateau frock. The Matrix castoff is actually some sort of spook called the Sandman and he convinces our hapless hero that a psychopath killed his wife, setting forth a twisty chain of events filled with fake gore and melodrama. Some good ideas can’t overcome an over-ambitious storyline that gets crippled under the weight of tin-eared dialogue and goofy performances.

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