DVD Review: Thor - Metro US

DVD Review: Thor

Genre: Action

Director: Kenneth Branagh

Stars: Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins, Natalie



To all but the nerdiest of kids in days of yore, The Mighty Thor was the comic book you bought after you’d blown your allowance dough on the other A-list action heroes.

But on the big screen, it’s a whole other Thor-y, especially with the welcome discovery of Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth in the title role of the exiled and agitated Norse god.

Kenneth Branagh directs, and this great Shakespearean actor and occasionally good filmmaker rightly susses that the material needs the grand playwright’s mix of humour and pathos.

For a fun and fluffy popcorn flick, it’s got plenty of butter.

Essentially an origin story, but more than just a lead-up to next summer’s anticipated all-star rumble The Avengers, it’s the classical saga of two sibling rivals and the father they seek to impress.

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