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Dwyane Wade to retire? Will Heat star call it quits?

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Dwyane Wade. Getty Images

Is this it for Dwyane Wade?

After the Miami Heat were eliminated by the Philadelphia 76ers in the first round of the NBA playoffs on Tuesday night, the three-time champion was immediately peppered with questions about whether he’ll be possibly retiring. Wade admitted that he has thought about retiring, but said that he won’t make an official decision until during the summer.

“I love Philly, but ain’t gonna be no breaking news here in Philly,” Wade said, as reported by ESPN. “I’m sorry. I appreciate [the concern], but let me worry about that later.”

When asked about finding the inspiration to possibly return for his 16th NBA season, Wade didn’t feel too pressed to answer that, either. “That’s not my focus,” Wade continued. “Fresh off this NBA season, my 15th year, I sit back and think about that. Then I dive and throw myself into my family. They’re next on my bucket list, making sure I’m there for them. And when it comes to the basketball side of it, which is a long time away from now, then I’ll think about that.”


Watch Wade’s postgame comments below.


That being said, Wade’s wife, Gabrielle Union, tweeted Wednesday to say that she hopes her husband won’t call it a career just yet. But if he does, his resume speaks for itself. 

Sixers center Joel Embiid said he hugged Wade just in case if the veteran shooting guard decides to retire.

“I had to pay my respects because I don’t know if this is it or if he has another year,” Embiid said, as reported by ESPN, “but he’s a great and a Hall of Famer.”

Wade’s friend and former teammate, LeBron James, reserved his right to speak about his bestie’s illustrious career until he makes a decision about whether he’s going to continue playing. “Actually I don’t really want to talk about it until we know for sure what he’s gonna do,” James told the media Wednesday, as reported by USA TODAY. “We talked about it the last game in Miami. Right after the game it was like, ‘(If it’s) our last time going against each other, then it’s been everything and more.’ But I’ll give you guys a more in-depth analysis of his career if he decides to hang ‘em up.”

If this is it, Wade is a lock-Hall of Famer with three championships (2006, 2012-13), one NBA Finals MVP (2006) and 12 All-Star Game selections (2005-2016) to his name. At 36, Wade averaged 18 points off the bench for the Heat during this series with the Sixers, including a 28-point performance in Game 2.

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