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Dyer: Jets are no longer the circus, the Giants are

This isn’t a circus. It is a dumpster fire.
And no one anywhere is happier than the New York Jets.
The New York Giants are an unmitigated disaster, an organization once thought to be classy and timeless now looking like the dregs of the NFL. The benching of quarterback Eli Manning and the botched attempts by general manager Jerry Reese and head coach Ben McAdoo to spin this thing has led the Giants as an entire franchise to hurl themselves down a flight of stairs. This thing from top to bottom is a mess.
It sounds an awful lot like the utter chaos about this town’s other NFL team just a couple of years ago. It can’t be said about the Jets right now.
The Jets have turned around the perception that they were a circus, that the inmates ran the asylum. In recent years, even under a castrated Rex Ryan, humiliated and cut short by former general manager John Idzik, the Jets found a way to have direction and purpose.
They may not yet be a winning team; in fact they aren’t a very good team right now. But in many, many ways they are not the Giants.
There is hope for the Jets. Right now, there is no hope for the Giants.
And now it is Giants fans, so ready to sneer at the Jets fans protests a couple years ago, putting up money to buy billboards to voice their anger.
There are no parties on Justin Bieber’s boat just days away from a playoff game, no signs of multiple players being suspended by the team like has happened to the Giants this year. No sideline antics, no fights being picked with kicking nets or peeing dog celebrations. Instead, the Jets are simply building something.
It may not work, but they are building something and doing it the right way.
This is a Jets team, sitting at 4-7 in the midst of what was supposed to be a difficult rebuilding year. They cut veterans such as cornerback Darrelle Revis and center Nick Mangold to usher in a new era.
It was popular to say they wouldn’t win a game.
Instead, the Jets have not only been competitive but have beaten a few tough teams. They were two (horrible) calls away in recent weeks (ironically both on Austin Sefarian-Jenkins catches that should have been touchdowns) away from being 6-5.
A team that was supposed to be blown out and not even competitive – well, six of their seven losses have been by fewer than nine points. There is something good going on around the Jets. A sense of direction, of purpose.
The Giants though, can’t get out of their own way. Their struggles a series of disasters, mostly self-inflicted. A team built on hubris rather than logic. A head coach in McAdoo too rigid to realize that teams have adjusted to their offense and figured out how to attack one of the worst offensive lines in the league.
Instead, the Giants press repeat every game, just like they have each offseason over the past few years.
This mess, this dumpster fire has been their own doing. A roster of under-performing players who have been gifted massive contracts in recent years while failing to address huge holes along the offensive line or develop any semblance of a running game.
Like an ostrich, the Giants buried their heads in the sand to ignore their problems. Meanwhile, the Jets fly overhead, pointed upwards.
A Jets team, that for now and the foreseeable future, is doing things the right way. Something the Giants should note and consider doing.​

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