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Dyer: Rex Ryan already embarrassing himself during ‘Jets Week’

Dyer: Rex Ryan already embarrassing himself during ‘Jets Week’
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How Rex is handling the IK situation in his return to the Meadowlands is far from OK. In fact, New York Jets fans should be thankful that Rex Ryan is no longer their head coach, that owner Woody Johnson gave him the TKO earlier this year.

The latest from the bloviating Ryan came about on Monday after he spent much of his press conference downplaying Thursday night’s game at MetLife Stadium against the team he had coached the previous six years. He said that IK Enempkpali, the Buffalo Bills linebacker who sucker-punched his old Jets teammate Geno Smith in August and got cut for it, will be a team captain against the Jets.

What a bag of hot air.

Minutes before, Ryan said “it was strictly about us against another opponent.” Then he goes out there and says that Enemkpali, who was cut for attacking a teammate in the locker room, will have his gameday status elevated as a captain.

His shtick is wearing thin now. Picking up Enemkpali, after attacking a teammate over money owed, might just be ‘Rex being Rex.’ But if that’s the case, then it is Rex being a fool, which right now issynonymouswith ‘Rex being Rex.’

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Ryan should have some tact, some decorum and perhaps take a page from Jets head coach Todd Bowles, who has stayed above the sludge and handled himself with clear grace and dignity throughout this season. In fact, Bowles handled the situation with Enemkpali when the linebacker attacked the Jets quarterback in training camp far better than Ryan is holding himself now.

There’s a fine line between being funny – and Ryan is a laugh riot – and being downright disrespectful. And that is what the Bills head coach is doing now.

Ryan is flat-out disrespecting an organization that took a chance on him in 2009 and gave him his first head coaching job. It was an organization that was patient with him despite four straight years without the postseason to close out his tenure here. Ryan was always given a chance to redeem himself.

Now he’s turning his backside to them when he could be handling this week with class. He says all the right things then names a former Jet cut for assaulting a teammate as captain. Keep it classy there.

The Jets always embraced Ryan and nevershied away from the polarizing head coach, even when he let the inmates run theasylumand repeatedly saw his staff and his own antics embarrass the team. Now he’sembarrassinghimself with this latest ill-conceived and ill-construed shot at his old team and their fanbase, a direct lashing outat the team that gave him chance after repeated chance.

The rest of the league is watching hisRexampleandgrimacing.

Now when things eventually turn sour in Buffalo and his act wears thin there too, his only next stop might be Comedy Central because that’s the one place where he will have credibility. He’s become a talking, waddling joke.

“It’s in my past. That’s it This is about going against anotheropponent that happens to beahead of you in the standings. It’s about going into a hostile environment and try to beat somebody,” Ryan said.

“It’s really no more, no less than that. That’s the truth.”

Except no one is buying that.