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Dynamics and performance define Porsche’s SUV

The Porsche Cayenne is an off-road capable 4×4 built by a brand famous for world-class, high-performance coupes.

Family-ready and capable of confident year-round operation on any road, shoppers after a premium SUV will find plenty of selection in the used Cayenne marketplace.

Look for the five-seater with goodies like navigation, a sunroof, premium audio, Bluetooth, heated leather seats, air-adjustable suspension and a full suite of safety features, too.


Depending on the model in question, Cayenne was available with anything from a 3.2-litre, 247-horsepower V-6 to a 550-horsepower, twin-turbocharged V-8 engine.

What owners like

Owners typically rave about a blend off-road capability and on-road comfort backed by plenty of performance. Brakes, handling and power output were highly rated on virtually all models, too. Spaciousness, flexibility, interior quality and all-weather confidence round out the equation.

What owners dislike

Typical complaints centre around gas mileage, which is typical of virtually any SUV model. Others include a smaller-than-expected back seat, expensive options, controversial styling and limited rearward visibility.

Common issues

Start your test-drive with an exhaustive check of every component and accessory that runs on electricity. Pay extra close attention to the stereo, power seats, navigation system, instrument cluster and all lights.

Poor, lumpy or hesitant acceleration on any model could be caused by faulty ignition coil packs, and the engine compartment and underside should be checked for signs of a fairly common coolant leak.


Low maintenance and purchase costs aren’t the key draws to the Porsche Cayenne. Shop carefully, protect yourself with extended warranty coverage where available — then patiently search out the model that’s perfect for your needs.

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