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Eagles co-ordinator: Vick doesn’t disrupt offensive rhythm

Eagles offensive co-ordinator Marty Mornhinweg doesn’t think the addition of Michael Vick will disrupt the rhythm of Philadelphia’s offence.

“Not at all,” he said Sunday before practice. “We’ll straighten that out. We’ll take care of that. Michael is going to help this offence. I’m confident of that.”

Vick was involved in just six plays Thursday night in the team’s pre-season game against Jacksonville. Quarterback Donovan McNabb told Mornhinweg and coach Andy Reid that Vick coming in and out of the game disrupted the flow.

“It’s not going to be a disruption,” Mornhinweg said. “Believe me, it won’t be. It’s not an issue.”

Vick will play Thursday night when the Eagles face the Jets in the final pre-season game. McNabb, however, is not expected to see action.

“We did have a quick discussion about that,” Mornhinweg said of McNabb’s displeasure. “We all do our jobs; that’s it. I understand, but that’s secondary to what we’re trying to do. You are not going to let one or two plays throw us out of rhythm and that’s for every position.

“I mean, these guys come off the field. You know, receivers like to get a little rhythm too, and they’re in and out. Backs go in and out. We change personnel groups virtually every play. So we’re doing that constantly. So there it is – that’s my thoughts about that.”

Vick took part in the Eagles’ first four drives. The first was a three-and-out that netted just four yards – on his shovel pass to LeSean McCoy. The second drive, in which he completed a 13-yard pass to Hank Baskett to the Jacksonville 14, resulted in a field goal.

The third and fourth series were both three-and-outs.

“I set that up on purpose that way for that game,” Mornhinweg said. “I wanted to get him a certain amount of snaps early in the game to get him going.”

Mornhinweg noted Thursday was a long day for Vick, who was in Virginia for a bankruptcy meeting that morning.

“I wanted to get that thing done early in the game,” Mornhinweg said. “Every game will be different. There will be games where we use him situationally. There will be games where we won’t use him quite as much and there will be games where that’s just a part of us. It will change game to game by game plan. We’ll do whatever we think is the best thing that will help us win the game.”

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