Eagles Dez Bryant NFL Trade Rumors Patriots Steelers new buzz - Metro US

Eagles Dez Bryant NFL Trade Rumors Patriots Steelers new buzz

Eagles Dez Bryant NFL Trade Rumors Patriots Steelers

There may be fire to all this smoke as wide receiver Dez Bryant is inching closer to an NFL return. Here is the latest talks on Eagles Dez Bryant NFL Trade Rumors Patriots Steelers.

NFL Hall of Famer and NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders said this week that the Patriots would be bringing in help at the receiver position, and Bryant himself has been tweeting cryptic messages regarding a return to the field.

“I guarantee it, something’s going to happen within the next few weeks in the [Patriots] receiver department,” Sanders said.

Sanders and Bryant have a relationship dating back 10 years, though it’s been a rocky one recently. Still, Sanders believes Bryant can help a team and this stage of his career.

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“I hope he still has that dog in him, which I know he has,” Sanders said last year. “And I hope he has that thing that’s inside him that connects him to the heartbeat of these fans and he goes out there and prove to the whole country he can still do it like I know he can. I want him to have that element in there because I still believe in Dez Bryant.”

On Wednesday afternoon, Bryant sub-tweeted a prayer by Pastor West that read: “Dear Lord, Today may I continually trust you in every situation. I know what my opposition has been great, but I declare that the blessings in my life is even GREATER. I’m ready for the next level favor and supernatural release. I endured the worst but the best is on the way. Amen.”

Bryant has also been praising the Patriots on social media lately, tweeting: “It’s not one QB in the NFL who manages the game better than Tom Brady in critical situations. Patriots know how to win in so many fashions. By design. Everybody is bought in. It’s easy to see.”

If the Patriots truly are interested in bringing in Bryant, who is now fully recovered from his Achilles injury a year ago, the former Cowboys star will likely sign with New England.

But if Bill Belichick balks at Dez, there will still be suitors.

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The Eagles are currently bringing in and shipping out free agent receivers on a conveyor belt, and Bryant would obviously be motivated to keep the Cowboys out of the postseason. Philadelphia, even at 5-7, has a real shot at winning the NFC East as Dallas has a rugged schedule down the stretch of the season while the Eagles’ slate is littered with relative cupcakes.

The Steelers may also kick the tires on Bryant soon as they look to clinch a playoff berth. JuJu Smith-Schuster has been banged up in recent weeks and GM Kevin Colbert has been looking at adding depth at the position. Above was Eagles Dez Bryant NFL Trade Rumors Patriots Steelers information.

At this stage of his career, Bryant is comfortable with being a third or fourth wheel and would simply welcome the opportunity just to play competitive football again.

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