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Early thoughts on the Madness

Idle thoughts on the NCAA tournament so far …

– I won’t call what’s currently going on the “second round.” It’s not. It’s the first round, or the round of 64. Play-in games and pigtail rounds are not the first round; they’re play-in games or pigtail rounds. The second round starts later this weekend.

– The minute Temple’s Juan Fernandez threw up his 18-foot game-winner, I said “terrible shot.” Then it went in. Still, it was a terrible shot.

– I’m not sure if I’m sadder for Vanderbilt or Princeton. There’s nothing like an actual college doing well to remind you that this is, in fact, college basketball.

– Cincinnati has a real shot of upsetting a very good — but very tired — UConn team. Just a hunch.

– Similarly, Gonzaga might hand it to BYU. Call that a lesser hunch.

– I really want to see Akron come back to beat Notre Dame. (It’s currently 34-30 Irish at the half.) But it won’t happen.

– Morehead State!

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