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Eat like an insider: Matt Hummel

Fenway’s living Pinterest board of a restaurant, Tiger Mama, has lived up to its potential of being the neighborhood hot spot of innovative Asian small plates and trendy interpretations of classic Tiki cocktails. But while the always-charismatic owner Tiffani Faison (of “Top Chef” fame) often takes the spotlight, chef de cuisine Matt Hummel is also to be praised for the restaurant’s consistently packed banquettes. Needless to say: He’s got great taste. The 35-year-old Ithaca, New York, native shares his favorite spots in town to grab a post-shift meal and introduces us to his very exclusive late-night hang: Cafe Sadness.

Best late-night meal?

Anchoviesin the South End. After a long day, fried raviolis and a High Life really hit the spot.433 Columbus Ave., anchoviesboston.com

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Best mealunder $5?

Tedeschi’sbuffalo-chicken-salad sandwich with Cool Ranch Doritos. If you’re daring, you can put the Doritos in the sandwich for textural reasons. I finish it off with a Nestle Chipwich. Best consumed in bed, or as I call it: Cafe Sadness. There’s always a table for one.tedeschifoodshops.com

Best hidden foodie gem?

IsCafe Sushireally hidden anymore? Creative and fresh sushi in an unsuspecting spot between Harvard and Central. Whether it’s an omikasse menu or just a few maki, it never disappoints.1105 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, cafesushicambridge.com

Best place to dine alone?

Bar Mezzana with a friend or by yourself this restaurant in the Ink Block is one of the best meals I had this year. The pastas are deceivingly simple but brilliant. Have one at the bar but don’t skip on their crudos.360 Harrison Ave., barmezzana.com

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Place you recommend for out-of-towners?

Row 34.In my opinion, one of the best beer and wine lists in the city. Go for that and the fish charcuterie board alone.383 Congress St., row34.com

Go-to date spot?

I’ve lived here for over six years and have taken every girlfriend I’ve had here. Always fantastic. Love may come and go, butOleana’sconsistently delicious meals certainly don’t.134 Hampshire St., Cambridge, oleanarestaurant.com

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