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Edible tape and more invented by innovative students

Ingenuity met with good ol’ fashioned elbow grease at city hall yesterday as more than 400 students shared their innovative inventions with Calgarians.

Grade 7 and 8 students from more than 15 city schools gathered in the building to market and show off their inventions for the fifth annual Invention Convention, featuring a variety of creative ideas such as edible tape, improved windmills and the hoodie binder.

The Learning Partnership’s Gordon Cumming said he is proud of the students’ creativity and hard work in coming up with their ideas and following through.

“What really impresses me is their enthusiasm and passion once they get an idea they like and really get involved in the projects,” Cumming said.

Grade 7 St. Matthews students Khoa Tran, 12, and Christopher Rancier, 12, created an easier way to clean with the tagline, “let it sweep you away, suck up your problems and rake away your stress.”

“We put a dust buster and a rake on the ends of remote control cars so kids can clean for their parents and have fun doing it,” they explained.

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