Jerry Springer is speaking out about Donald Trump as often as he's given a chance.Getty Images

One of Donald Trump's most effective arguments for election as president is that his success as a businessman makes him qualified to run the U.S. government.

But according to Jerry Springer, a politician turned talk show host who has had success in both the public and private sector,running a business and a country couldn't be more different.

"There is absolutely no correlation between running a business and running the country," Springer said, talking to a few reporters just outside the Wells Fargo Center on Monday afternoon."Business is run to make a profit.… by definition the government will never be profitable, that's why we pay taxes. The skills used in business don't correlate to the decisions you make in politics."

Regardless of whether you believe he's been effective leading a company, his business acumen is one of his biggest strengths — many supporters would say. Even under the assumption that his achievements turning a profit are unequaled, that skill, according to Springer, would not prepare him to run the White House.


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"Trump said, 'I am going to build a wall,'" Springer said. "Well what if in order to get through Congress he needs one more vote, and it's from a senator who wants to make an agreement withIran?That gives the president a tough decision. Are you going to give up the chance to make a deal with Iran to get a wall built?"

Springers' bias is clear, but is his point nonpartisan? The one-time mayor of Cincinnati and world-known daytime talkshow host would argue it is.

"Donald Trump would be a lot of fun to play golf with," Springer said."Hillary Clinton is the person I would want — if I couldn't have my wife help me raise children — I would want her."

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