Pro-Bernie Sanders delegate Nida Allam, whose picture was used in a tweet celebratingProvided

Nina Allam, a pro-Bernie Sanders delegate from North Carolina, spoke out Wednesday against Hillary Clinton for using an image of her in a tweet celebrating Clinton’s nomination for president.

“I was misrepresented as a supporter of Hillary Clinton even though I am a Bernie supporter,” Allam, 22, said at a news conference on Wednesday.

She said the picture Clinton’s campaign used was actually taken while she was weeping because Sanders had conceded the race.

“We made history,” the Hillary for America campaign Twitter account tweeted on Tuesday night, along with the picture of Allam weeping.


“For her to take that picture of me, and use that as support for her and try to use that to get the Muslim vote, in my opinion is not right,” Allam said. “That is a vote she needs to earn, and she needs to earn that by speaking on the issues that Muslim-Americans care about, like the Palestine-Israel conflict.”

Just minutes after Allam voiced her frustrations outside the DNC, the Hillary for America campaign Twitter account sent her an apology.

“We're sorry for the mixup. Thanks for everything you did to make history, too,” Hillary for America tweeted.

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