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Elettra Wiedemann: A model pop-up

Model Elettra Wiedemann, daughter of Isabella Rosselini, speaks on her Fashion Week pop-up restaurant.

What do you eat before a party, show or big event?

When you’re modeling, your job is to take care of yourself. I’ve been modeling for almost 10 years now, so my “healthy eating” has just become the way that I eat. I usually stick to lean proteins [and] a nice, fresh salad.

What’s your food vice?

I’m not so much a sweet tooth person — I’m more of a salty person — so I need to stay away from things like potato chips and French fries — especially when mayonnaise is nearby.

Where do you like to eat in the city?

Seersucker in Brooklyn, and The Fat Radish down on the Lower East Side.

If you were to wine and dine someone, what would you make?

I’m usually pretty good at a basic salmon fish with salad and maybe quinoa on the side with avocado. And I’m a big fan of Coconut Bliss ice cream.

What’s your favorite dish that your mom makes?

My mom is a really amazing chef and she makes a very simple multigrain pasta. She has an herb garden and she chops up all the different herbs and then mixes them together just with olive oil, salt and a little zest of lemon. It’s very light and delicious.

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