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Embrace the edgy, supermodel suggests

If there’s one thing supermodel Stacey McKenzie wants Vancouver ladies to do this fall, it’s to be bold and daring with their fashion.

Actually, two things — get rid of the Uggs.

Metro sat down with the homegrown model, actress and Canada’s Next Top Model guest judge in Yaletown yesterday to talk fashion.

“I have this thing for edgy (style),” said McKenzie, who was sporting a pleated, hooded leather cape festooned with asymmetrical buckles.

“Go out of your comfort zone. Fashion is supposed to be fun.”

McKenzie suggested offsetting bolder outfits with “essential pieces” — basics with staying power like a classic camel coat, knit sweater dress and simple stilettos.

She added it’s worth investing in quality staples like shoes and coats.

As for her own wardrobe, if there were a fire and she could only grab one thing it would be her gold bangles — gifts from her mother.

“I wear them all the time,” she said.

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