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Embracing Canada

Yosef Fromsa, who is originally from Ethiopia and has been a citizen since last year, is embracing Canadian culture as a tax payer who is a 10 per cent owner in a Petro-Canada service station, but he is also becoming a Canuck in another way, pun intended.

“I very much like hockey,” Fromsa said. “I’m always watching it and in the morning when I come in (to work with) my co-workers we talk about hockey, and I like the Canucks.”

While Fromsa has found hockey, Victor Zhang, who is on track to become a citizen next year, is using all he learns about Canadian culture to help people in China.

Hailing from Beijing, Zhang set up his own business, Sinowest International Education, which teaches people about Asian culture.

“We help people in North America who are interested in Chinese culture and language go to China to learn Chinese,” Zhang said. “We also help people in China to come (to Canada) for immigration and for study.”

Everything Zhang learns in his citizenship preparation he passes on to clients.

“I have to introduce Canada to my students and clients. I think I have a lot of information and knowledge about this country,” Zhang said, including Canadian behaviour.

“Canadian people are really nice,” he said with a smile.

“When you go across the street, you don’t have to worry about all the (traffic). The cars at the stops let you go first, that never happens in China, especially Beijing.”

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