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Emma Stone will cook a delicious fish for you

Emma Stone wanted to become an actress so badly that as a teenager, she gave her parents a PowerPoint presentation explaining why allowing her to drop out of high school and move to Hollywood was a good idea. Thankfully, she was so convincing that as a 21- year-old today, she is lauded as one of the most promising up-and-coming actresses in Hollywood.

In her latest project, “Paper Man,” co-starring Jeff Daniels and Lisa Kudrow, Stone plays a Long Island teenager who befriends an odd, stunted writer (Daniels). Because her character has a knack for cooking, Stone set about learning the skills herself, just as she had learned the bass for her role in “The Rocker.”

“I went with a chef for two, three-hour lessons on how to cut vegetables and to learn how to fillet fish,” she explains. “If you need me to fillet a Montauk fluke, I can do that for you. I’ll make you a fish and a PowerPoint. That’s all anyone needs out of life. I’m going to make that my e-mail address: fishandpowerpoint@gmail.com.”

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