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Enter with a bang!

Get the best bangs for your buck with these expert tips from Kit Expert Greg May, owner of Greg May Hair Architects.

I really want bangs, but my stylist says they won’t look good on me because I have a low forehead and cowlick. Any tips for getting the right bangs that I’ll love forever — or at least for fall?

Never say never (like Bieber)! Some bangs — I call it a fringe — look better on certain face shapes and hair lines. If you have a lower forehead, a fringe isn’t your best look, because it can cut your face and can be hard to work with, since you don’t have enough space to get the brush under the hair. Cowlicks and widow’s peaks can also be challenging, but it’s always possible to achieve a modified fringe. Once you’ve made the cut, make your priority after getting out of the shower drying your fringe before doing anything else (the rest of your hair, makeup, etc.). Brush hair one way and then the other, which can help loosen the cowlick and make hair lay flat.

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