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4 reasons you should be watching 'BrainDead'

Brains, bugs, fiscal budgets…oh, my!
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CBS’s new show takes on new ground. "BrainDead" is something that audiences have never seen before and begs the question, what is going on with politician’s brains? Something many have been asking for quite sometime. This show answers it, in a strange, new way. Here are four reasons you should be watching "BrainDead."

The show pokes fun at everyone.
Whether you are on the right or left side, this show makes fun of the extremes in politics. It pokes fun at the fact that these two groups cannot come together for the good of the country even though that is their job. Can you imagine radical politicians?


It’s timely.
With the 2016 Presidential election right around the corner, this show doesn’t miss a beat. It keeps up with the times and even mentions current events that are effecting America’s right now. With left-wing/right-wing anchors in the background of the show, it shows how the politicians aren’t the only ones effected by the radicalism.



It is from the creators of "The Good Wife".
If you miss the hit show don’t fear. BrainDead takes what Michelle and Robert King did to the next level. It combines comedy with horror and the craziness of today’s political climate. It is very hard to categorize, which is different from the pairs political drama, but it allows them to flex those creative muscles and give viewers something new and refreshing.


The Cast.
The cast is crazy funny with amazing chemistry. The romantic leads Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Aaron Tveit hate/love each other at the same time which makes viewers want to see what happens. Tony Shalhoub uses his comedy skills as the far right, Senator Red Wheatus, a politician fed up with Washington politics until his mind gets invaded.


"BrainDead" airs Monday's at 10pm on CBS.