Multiple sources are reporting that Bruce Jenner is in negotiations to sit down with Diane Sawyer to address rumors that they are transitioning.

People magazine reported late Friday evening that an unnamed source close to the Kardashian family confirmed rumors that Jenner was transitioning and that the family was supportive.

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This report from people came days after Jenner’s stepdaughter Kim Kardashian West discussed Jenner’s ‘journey’ with E!.

Buzzfeed reports that Jenner’s possible decision to be interviewed with Sawyer, who works for ABC News, has caused a certain amount of discord at NBC, the parent company of E!.

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Rumor has it that Jenner’s transition would be documented in a reality series for E!.

It’s important to note that Jenner has not publicly addressed rumors that they are in fact transitioning. All rumors should be taken with a heavy grain of salt

Due to the sensitive nature of gender identity, and because we cannot confirm what pronoun Bruce Jenner would prefer (or if Jenner is in fact transitioning), Metro has chosen to use the pronoun “they” in this article to refer to Jenner.

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