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Last week the New York Daily News published “exclusive” pictures of Bruce Jenner in a striped dress, and the former Olympic gold medalist is not pleased.

Fresh on the heels of his announcement on national television that he is transgender, Jenner is said to be considering legal action against the paper.

CNN might be caught in crossfire too as the network showed the photos in a segment called “Caught on Camera: Bruce Jenner’s New Look?”.
The basis of Jenner’s legal action is his claim that the photos were illegally obtained with a camera using a telephoto lens. California law prohibits using a telephoto lens to photograph people in their private homes and spaces.
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“Both Daily News and CNN pulled the photos sold to them by X17 once they found out they were illegally obtained.” A spokesperson for Jenner told the New York Post. “The agency no longer is selling those photos [since] they confirmed they were shot illegally.”
The photos have been reportedly removed from both CNN and the New York Post.
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