First of all we would like to extend a warm congratulations to the newly wedded Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Diaz!

We're assuming our invitation got lost somehow, or that in the rush of it all we just slipped her mind! It's fine.

Maybe Cameron knew that had she invited us, we would have done the usual maid-of-honor duty of airing all the bride’s dirty laundry.

And there is nothing Metro loves more than some good ol’ fashion dirty laundry.

Our friend, Cameron has a long and very complicated history with men. Her suitors have ranged from the extraordinarily handsome like Jared Leto, to the more questionable variety like Vince Neil.


When did Cameron date a guy named Vince Neil? Well, kids it was back in a time called the 90s. Back when Hillary Clinton’s husband was president and the Spice Girls were still together.

Who’s Vince Neil? Mr. Neil was the lead singer of this little band called Mötley Crüe. Here’s one of their songs to give you a taste of what Cameron was hitching a ride on.

Cameron is also rumored to have dated Edward Norton and Keanu Reeves.

Remember the time when Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz were still an item? That was back in 2003 when everyone was still wearing newspaper boy hats and Juicy Couture velour tracksuits. Ah yes, that was quite a time.

Looking back, it certainly seems like Cameron has a thing for musicians. Diddy the rapper, Neil the rocker, Jared Leto the singer, Timberlake the pop star, and new husband Benji Madden the front man of that one band Good Charlotte!

Remember Good Charlotte?

Now you do.

Congrats again, Cameron! We love you