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Carrie Fisher has a wealth of experience on dealing with the kind of fame that only comes from being a "Star Wars" leading lady, and she's trying to use it to be as helpful as possible to "The Force Awakens" co-star Daisy Ridley. But some of it might be a bit too, well, personal. "I told her not to go through the crew like wildfire," Fisher tells Graham Norton. "But I also told her not to take any advice from me."

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The whole not sleeping with the crew thing seems reasonable. But Fisher is just looking out for Ridley, hoping to save her from the kind of experiences she's had to endure. "When I was first in it I never wanted anyone to have the anecdote, 'I slept with Princess Leia,'" Fisher reveals. "I once met a guy that told me he had thought about Princess Leia every day from the age of 12 to 22. When I said, 'Every single day,' he said, 'Actually it was four times a day.'" Ew, gross.

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