Cardi B tweeted that she might be thinking about having a second child causing fans to wonder if she is pregnant with her second child.

Rapper Cardi B and her husband Offset welcomed the birth of their baby girl Kulture back in July in but the Bronx rapper recently tweeted something that may hint to her millions of fans and followers that she might be pregnant with baby number two, or at least interested in having a second child.

“Would ya be mad at me if i get pregnant again?” the “I Like It” rapper tweeted on October 14.

Is Cardi B pregnant again? Rapper's tweet causes fans to wonder if she's expecting second child


Cardi B pregnancy rumors

Shortly after she posed the question to her fans, they quickly reacted by begging her to show pictures of her baby Kulture first. Cardi B has been very private about her child and has not revealed any pictures of her face of her on social media. While some fans showed excitement for Cardi B after she tweeted about the idea of having a second child, others begged her to release new music and tour more before having a second child. 


check up time with mommy and daddy .

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Cardi B recently attended Huncho’s album release party where she was seen dancing with her husband Offset and sipping a beverage.

Is Cardi B pregnant again? Rumors swirl after recent tweet

Cardi B pregnancy rumors: Is Cardi B pregnant again?

According to celebrity news site Hollywood Life, a source says she is not pregnant.

“Cardi loves being a mom and wants to have more kids eventually, but she’s definitely not pregnant right now, the source told to Hollywood Life.”

“She’s not pregnant and she’s not planning to get pregnant right away. Kulture keeps her so busy and she’s got so much going with her career, now is not the time. Cardi was just playing with that tweet, it was just her having fun with her fans, that’s all,” the source added. 

It appears that the 26-year-old rapper and new mom wants time to focus her attention on making music and spending time with her first baby Kulture.

Cardi B may not be thinking about kids anytime soon. The "Bodak Yellow" rapper recently shared details about the birth of her first child on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. 

“It was totally harder [than I expected]. She broke my vagina,” the Cardi B said to Jimmy Kimmel. “You know, why nobody told you about those things? Nobody told me they were going to stitch my vagina.”

“People just be like, ‘Oh, when you give birth it's going to hurt,’ but nobody tells you that like ... your vagina ...,” she added. 

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