Ah, Hollywood: a place where people, held to the highest standard of beauty, get together and create things — from really great television to extremely mediocre music. But that’s the thing: when you get a bunch of rich, beautiful people together, chances are, they’re going to look alike. It's practically science. So these commonly agreed upon celebrity doppelgängers should come as no surprise at all.

Here’s a list of celebrity doppelgängers that look so much alike, it’s like “Wow, you two kind of look alike if I squint a little!"

Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry
The “New Girl” star and chronic Taylor Swift frenemy — circa several personalities ago — were both once pale women with dark hair and bangs. Woah!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem
The “Walking Dead” star and Penelope Cruz’s husband have similar face parts. Exclamatory remark!

Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard
These two — who both starred in “The Help” are often mistaken for each other. OK!

Amy Adams and Isla Fisher
Adams and Fisher are two more ladies with red hair that people confuse. Sure!

Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley
Knightley was hired for “Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace” based on her likeness to star Natalie Portman. Yep!

Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice
The “Victorious” star admits she is often mistaken for the former “Vampire Diaries” leading lady. Lovely!

Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly
Glossy brownish hair? Check. Doppelgängers? Apparently!

Margot Robbie and Jaime Pressly
The “I, Tonya” star and the “My Name is Earl” actress both have eyeballs and blonde hair. Goodness gracious!

Tom Hardy and Logan Marshall Green
One of these men was in “Mad Max: Fury Road.” The other one played a character who was dramatically shot on “The O.C.” Who’s who!?

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