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Have you heard? Lena Dunham has been involved in a light scandal concerning her pup, Lamby. The news coverage is endless, and I’m over here wondering: Why should we care about a lady and the dog she decided to give up after maybe reinventing his biography and history?


A lot of you have been asking where Lamby is these days since he's always been the star of my gram and I've been posting pics of my poodle girls. Well, you know honesty is my jam but this one has been really heartbreaking to talk about. But I feel I have to share that last March, after four years of challenging behavior and aggression that could not be treated with training or medication or consistent loving dog ownership, Lamby went to live at an amazing professional facility in Los Angeles @matt_thezendog where an awesome person named @therealdanishay (who is educated in a rescue dog's specific trauma) loves him so hard. Lamby suffered terrible abuse as a pup that made having him in a typical home environment dangerous to him and others- we needed to be responsible to ourselves, our neighbors and especially our beloved boy. Jack and I will miss him forever but sometimes when you love something you have to let it go (especially when it requires tetanus shots and stitches.) Someday I'll really write about the pain and relief of letting Lamby go off and really be Lamby, biting and peeing in his own mouth and all. There were so many lessons in it, about forgiving myself and loving with an open palm and giving in to a larger plan. Shout out to @jennikonner for listening to endless hours of Lamby pain, and especially my partner @jackantonoff for loving him even when he ruined floors and couches and our life. Jack knows what Lamby means to me and he let me come to the decision in my own time even when it made his days challenging. Susan & Karen will never be my first loves, but they are fuzzy and hilarious stuffing for the hole Lamby left and we cherish them deeply ❤️#lamby #thefirstcutisthedeepest #foreverlamb PS If you have a similar situation, please know its possible to responsibly re-home your rescue rather than sending them back into the shelter system. It can require patience, diligence and often a financial contribution but there are solutions that leave everyone happy and safe. You will always have been your dog's first stop outside shelter life and that's beautiful.

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Let’s start from the beginning. Four years ago, Dunham word vomitted a 3,000+ word essay in The New Yorker for reasons unknown. In it, she detailed how she adopted Lamby even though her boyfriend, Jack Antonoff, was allergic (rude) and how they were having difficulties with the pup even after she blessed him with a starring role in some pictures for Vogue.


In late June, the “Girls” creator admitted on her Instagram that she had surrendered Lamby after four years of challenging behavior to some bougie spot named The Zen Dog, and that he was later rehomed. The Zen Dog was supposed to help change Lamby’s aggression, and she noted that “Lamby suffered terrible abuse as a pup that made having him in a typical home environment dangerous to him and others.”

After Dunham’s emotional Instagram post, BARC (the facility that Dunham adopted Lamby from) went after Dunham’s claims, saying he never showed signs of violent behavior while he was in their care. “It’s just hard to believe the dog was nasty when she took Lamby to every green room with her when ‘Girls’ was still a thing 4 years ago,” said BARC’s spokesman. Ooh, burn.

The 31-year-old posted another Instagram, with the saddest watercolor painting of Lamby you could imagine. She disagreed with BARC’s assessment of Lamby’s behavioral issues, which is fine. But you know, Dunham’s going to Dunham. “I know I’m a lot of fun to place your issues on,” she wrote. Feel free to groan as long as you like. “But I won’t let anyone hang their hat on this peg. Not this time.”

Matt Beisner from the Zen Dog came out, confirming that Lamby was a “train wreck” and that he “displayed behavior that’s very consistent with dogs that are quite loving but undersocialized and developmentally not all there.” And on Tuesday, Lamby’s new owner is reassuring all of us that everything is fine! Lamby is “living a great life!” And “showing tremendous progress!”

Here’s the thing: Why are we talking about this, at all? Dunham definitely tends to be an easy target — what, with her endless bevy of ignorant comments and continuing to act like race isn’t really a thing — but damn, over this dog who is just trying to mind his business and live his new life?

I wish Lamby the best, but I’m sick and tired of these Instagram posts and these interviews and everything else. Let’s put it to rest — I am very sure Dunham can find something else cool to be in the news about shortly.

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