Will Smith Jada Pinkett Smith Laughing at Tyrese Maybe IDK
We like to imagine that Will and Jada are laughing at Tyrese's foolishness right now, but that might be too cruel. Photo: Getty

It seemed like only yesterday that Tyrese Gibson was bragging on Instagram that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith gave him loads and loads of cash to help him stay afloat — with the added agreement that Gibson would stay off the internet. Now, TMZ reports that sources close to the Smith family say they never gave Tyrese money at all. Oh dear.

On Sunday, the 38-year-old shared on Instagram that the Smiths had donated to the tune of $5 million to give him a hand in his ongoing custody battle.” You've guys asked me to get off and stay off the Internet now that my daughters legal fees will be paid,” Gibson wrote. “I will listen." Tuesday, Gibson admitted in a post that he hadn’t received the money yet as an aside in a random, bananas post.

Perhaps because the money hasn't been exchanged, he still feels obliged to do the most on social media. 


! feel you..... ! feel you..... Who ever this genius kid is just know that your full scholarship to Harvard University will be paid for as soon as my Will Smith Wire comes in......... Nothing will change if we don’t change it he’s a game changer just like @zothemotivator FROM COMPTON TO MOREHOUSE #ClassicMan #MyPresidentLooksLikeYouAndZoTheMotivator


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But Will and Jada sources say the exchange of money isn’t true, at all. And although they’ve been friendly with Gibson for years, they’re worried that the “Fast & The Furious” star is having some sort of breakdown. You don’t say?

No word from Will or Jada yet — and we wouldn’t count on it — but maybe it would be best if Gibson did stay away from the Internet for a while. You know, just for his and our emotional well being.

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