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Watch: Will Smith makes stand-up debut, disses Kanye West with Dave Chappelle

Will Smith

Will Smith has mastered acting, music and just being an all-around superstar. Somehow, he has room for more. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is delving into the world of stand-up comedy. Stand-up seems to be a natural choice for the already hilarious Smith, it’s even a bit of a surprise when you think about the fact that he’s never done it before. Well better late than never, his stand-up act is surely going to be a treat. Here is everything you need to know on the Will Smith 2018 stand-up debut. 

Will Smith 2018 stand-up debut 

The Peppermint Club in Los Angeles was the lucky spot to house the debut of Smith’s stand-up. Smith took the stage as part of his new Bucket List video series during a Dave Chappelle-hosted surprise show spanning nearly four hours. It’s not worth it to search for the footage of the momentous occasion yet because cell phones were collected at the beginning of the evening making it impossible to catch a glimpse of Smith’s debut. However, audiences will not have to wait forever. 

Will Smith

Variety did give insight on the show and reported that the Will Smith 2018 stand-up debut material covered a variety of topics including social media, home life, and family. Smith also reportedly went on stage for some type of musical act as well. Hopefully, the footage will appear on Smith’s blockbuster YouTube channel soon. His Bucket List series on YouTube is in anticipation of his 50th birthday. The debut episode of the series featured the actor facing one of his biggest fears: the ocean. He overcame his fear by scuba diving off an island on the coast of Australia.

Some other celebs were also in the show including John Mayer, LeBron James, Michelle Wolf, Katt Williams, Jon Stewart and Michael Che making the night completely star-studded. 

Although there is no planned tour (yet) for Smith and his stand-up we can only hope that he caught the bug and will take his act on the road. 





I did Stand Up last night… FIRST TIME EVER! I opened for Dave Chappelle. I AM HOOKED.

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Will Smith disses Kanye West to a reporter with Dave Chappelle 

Prior to the performance Will Smith and Dave Chappelle discussed Kanye West with a reporter. A reporter asked Smith and Chappelle what their thoughts were on “Kanye running for president”. Chappelle and Smith laugh and answered with “Hopefully we’ll get the right celebrity in office.” The reporter went on to ask Smith if he would run for president and he answered that it’s something to consider. Chappelle chimed in suggesting he should become Veep to make sure “nothing bad happens to Will.” 

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