Miranda Kerr Met Ball 2017

Miranda Kerr at the Met Ball 2017. 

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Former born again virgin and Australian model Miranda Kerr has handed over $8.1 million of dollars worth of jewelry that U.S. authorities say was given to her as part of a Malaysian money laundering scheme. Oh dear.

Apparently, Kerr, 34, was gifted the jewelry — including a $3.8 millon 8.88 carat diamond pendant — in 2014 by Jho Low, a former flame and financier embroiled in the corruption scandal that’s taken over the Malaysian government. The jewelry was allegedly purchased with stolen government money. I will never understand why people with means do the most.

“From the start of the inquiry, Miranda Kerr cooperated fully and pledged to turn over the gifts of jewellery to the government,” Kerr’s spokesperson said. “Ms Kerr will continue to assist with the inquiry in any way she can.”

Apparently more than $4.5 billion has been stolen from a Malaysian state fund, which was set up by prime minister Najib Razak. According to The Guardian, prosecutors allege that nearly $30 million was misappropriated to buy jewlery for Razak’s wife.


Kerr follows Leonardo DiCaprio’s lead — the actor and perpetual man-child recently turned over $3.2 million worth of artwork gifted to him by Jho Low.

This is sad, because basically it looks like this Jho Low character was just trying to convince celebrities to be his friends (or girlfriend!) through elaborate gifts. You don’t got to pay for friends, man.

Or at least, the ones you have to pay for don’t deserve you! Although I'm sure they appreciate the elaborate gifts, not going to lie. 




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