Orlando Bloom, like Johnny Depp before him, has found a new hot young thing to suck the youth out of. Hooray?
PEOPLE reports that the two relatively attractive actors have decided this is the time to make the ill advised leap from friends to friends with benefits. A source — I’m assuming at this point it was Bloom’s six-year-old son, Flynn — tells the magazine that Bloom, 40, and Dobrev, 28, are definitely not exclusive or anything. “Recently they’ve been hanging out as more than friends. It’s super casual.”
Desperate to prove that this relationship is indeed of the super chill variety, the “Elizabethtown” actor was reportedly all over a model named Ashley Haas while Dobrev partied 15 feet away at a Coachella party on Friday. Because it’s not like, disrespectful. It’s just like, casual. And he’s young and virile and definitely not past his prime, and he just needs everyone to know that, okay?
Bloom most recently dated Katy Perry, and they were the kind of couple you try to avoid at all costs. Dobrev, former star of “The Vampire Diaries,” dated Ian Somerhalder, 38, for several years before splitting in 2013. So older dudes are kinda her thing.
Oh, and by the way? “Elizabethtown” was a major flop and is one of the worst films I’ve ever seen.
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