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To hear Charlize Theron tell it while reflecting on her career to V magazine, she absolutely loves Tobey Maguire. She just didn't so much love working with him on "The Cider House Rules" back in the early days of her movie-stardom — try as she might to sugarcoat some clear on-set difficulties.


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"Tobey and I had a bit of a rough time, yeah. I mean, we're good now. It was a difficult movie," she says. "There were just a couple of days that Tobey and I had a rough time. The rest of the movie, we actually had a really good time. I love Tobey. I'm kind of glad we had that experience on that movie. It teaches you different things. It taught me that I could fall in love with somebody in my head while looking at someone else. We had some really intimate moments. Tobey and I didn't feel that way about each other, so I had to figure something else out."


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