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Doubts about budding Taylor Swift/Tom Hiddleston romance surface

Does this mean a new Taylor Swift album?

Taylor Swift

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Sure, he’s been seen gallivanting across the globe with her ever since the ingénue’s most recent high-profile breakup, but does “Avengers” and “Night Manager” actor Tom Hiddleston REALLY <3Taylor Swift?

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Tom-Taylor-Truthers are making themselves known after photos surfaced of Hiddleston wearing a rather damning “I <3TS” tank-top as he frolicked in the ocean with Swift. The proclamation of love was so cringe-ably public that is has led some to believe that not only is the coupling a publicity stunt, but that the two are engaged in some heavy trolling of paparazzi and fans, baiting their attention with a possibly fictional fairy tale romance.

There is also social media speculation that the two could be filming a music video for an upcoming Swift single.