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Millions of Americans might be watching "The Voice" every week, but Christina Aguilera certainly isn't. The singer and judge doesn't watch the show when she's serving as a judge or during the seasons she sits out, like this one. But that doesn't mean she doesn't have an opinion about Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton's new romance.

How do you think things are going this season on "The Voice"?
I don't watch my seasons or "The Voice," really, at all because I'd like to stay fresh and focused. (laughs) When I'm on it I'm too tired to watch it back, and when I'm off of it I'm with my kids and working on my music and making sure I'm refreshed and I'm not overwhelmed by it when I don't have to be on it. But I'm still with them. I've seen them every week since October pre-taping the battles. I was there for a coach performance yesterday, popping my head in. Some cool stuff going on over there. Got our first love connection, I guess. (laughs)

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It was bound to happen at some point.
I know! Exciting stuff. I saw them both yesterday. I know their personal experiences with their divorces on separate levels, and man, I've been through a divorce myself so everybody deserves happiness. And they're two amazing people, such hard workers. And Gwen also is a mother of three boys. I know she's a great mom, we've known each other for years going to each other's kids' birthdays and stuff. Happiness deserves happiness, you know? So, why not?


You've also teamed up with Verizon's Hopeline to raise awareness about domestic violence. Why is that issue important to you?
It hits home for me. I witnessed a lot of domestic violence growing up in my home, witnessed it in neighboring homes. So it's been something that's happened to me in life. It's part of my story, part of my history, partly what motivates me in many ways, to be honest. This is such a hush-hush topic. People don't really like to talk about it, they think it's none of their business, it happens in the privacy of the home, you know. And it's really, really hard sometimes, if you don't have the financial means, to leave a situation. It effects your children. My mom definitely was an example. She chose to empower herself and in turn empower her daughters by finally leaving a situation.

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Do you think that's an area of inspiration you'll go back to, or have you covered that?
Yeah, I have. Unless I'm inspired or moved by it for a different reason, who knows? I never like to force anything. But I've done a lot of personal reflecting and healing and breathing into my body and my self. You know, my whole life whether it was witnessing domestic violence or working since I was 7 years old, it's always been sort of go, go, go, fight-or-flight mode. It's always been something. So it's so important for me, more so than ever now, to find outlets and ways for me to de-stress, for me to be gentle on myself and to encourage others to be gentle on themselves.

​Of your work, which songs were the most inspired by your mother's struggle with domestic violence?
From my perspective, probably the song "I'm OK," that was on my "Stripped" record. And then later on from my "Back to Basics" record I did a song that was pretty much inspired and written dedicated to her called "Oh Mother."

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How do you find that mindset is influencing your music?
I don't like to be deadlined or pushed in a box or all of that stuff. (laughs) I kind of feel like I've worked my whole life in that way and I've done a great job at it, I've accomplished so much. And even though I haven't released an album [in three years], I'm still accomplishing things that inspire me by the moment. But yes, I am working on music. It's very exciting.

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