Don’t panic but the Louvre Pyramid in Paris seems to have disappeared.


The French street artist JR has pasted blown-up photographs of the Louvre onto the glass landmark, creating the illusion — from certain angles—that the pyramid has vanished into the façade of the Musée du Louvre behind it. The work entitled “JR au Louvre” is on view until June 27.


“Making the Pyramid disappear is a way for me to distance myself from my subject,” said JR.


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The threat of flooding from the River Seine has forced the Louvre to close. On June 2 the gallery initiated its flood protection plan, before moving roughly 150,000 pieces of art from storage rooms to higher floors. The museum is expected to reopen on June 13.

Louvre facts

  • Importance. The Louvre Museum is the world’s largest museum and a historic monument, which was established in 1792
  • Visitors. About nine million visitors a year. It was the world’s most attended museum in 2015
  • Artworks. Nearly 35,000 objects are exhibited in their rooms.