While preparing for her role on HBO’s upcoming comedy series “Vice Principals” with Danny McBride, the 36-year-old actress also stars her second charmingly quirky video short for LOFTdebuting online today.

In the short, the “Cougar Town” alumna fully preps for the spring season — testing driving Marie Kondo’s method of de-cluttering and taking a ride on a kiddie-size swing set. Philipps had complete creative control of the short, and says it’s a reflection of her real life popping up on the small screen.

“We’ve been in the middle of a giant house renovation for the last ten months," the mother of two shares. "With the upstairs done, it’s been a lot of putting things away and going through my daughters’ clothes and paring down what doesn’t fit them anymore and going through my own clothes."

While it might seem like an organizational nightmare, Philipps is confident she’ll get through it. “My only issue [is that] I come from a family of collectors. I won’t say hoarders,” she admits. “And I can make the case for a lot of things bringing me joy. I recently found a part of cargo shorts that I’ve had since 7th grade and they still fit. I still wear them while gardening and I kind of refuse to get rid of them.”


But what else is she holding onto this season? No surprise here — it’s a classic: “I love a pair of white sneakers. They’re very versatile,” says Philipps. “And for me, when I’m in the city, it’s really hard to wear sandals. For me, Soludos are really cute. They feel like you’re wearing a sandal, but your feet aren’t getting dirty.”

Meanwhile, Philipps is also gearing up for “Vice Principals,” in which she’ll be playing Gale, the ex-wife of a high school’s vice principal. Compared to her “Cougar Town” character — neighborhood novelty cake enthusiast, Laurie Keller — Philipps says Gale is a bit of a stretch.

“They’re diametrically opposed. They’re two sides of the same coin. They’re a little bit, there’s not a nice way of saying this — they’re white trash,” she explains. But the excitement is still there. “It was nice after playing Laurie, who I loved, and going to a show where I can do something different.”

“Vice Principals” premieres on HBO in July; but you can check out Philipps’ stylish spring cleaning short below or onLOFT.comnow.

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