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Lip injections spike around the holidays, says plastic surgeon

Lip injections spike around the holidays, says plastic surgeon

Between kisses under the mistletoe and that midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve, it may come as no surprise that beauty experts claim lip injectables are on the rise as the holidays approach.

Metro spoke with Dr. Norman Rowe, M.D., a board-certified plastic surgeon with Rowe Plastic Surgery who said he has seen a dramatic spike in lip injections this holiday season, a trend attributed to holiday parties, visits with friends and family, and Christmas card photos. 

“To get ready for the holidays, I see quite a few more people requesting quick touch-ups as they prepare for all of the social events of the season. From company holiday parties to hoping to get a New Year’s Eve kiss, patients are getting ready to look and feel their best,” Dr. Rowe said. 

When it comes to lip injections, beauty mogul Kylie Jenner often comes to mind. Although Kylie went bigger and bolder with her altered lips, Dr. Rowe mentioned that not all patients are that brave.  Dr. Rowe said that some patients have a “bigger is better mentality while others, especially this holiday season, like a subtly-enhanced look more.” 

Although most people think all lip injections are highly noticeable like Kylie’s, Dr. Rowe said that natural-looking lips is achievable too via lip injections, and can help balance out patient’s features. 

“Generally, achieving natural-looking lips is about accentuating what patients already have as opposed to building more,” he said. “It’s about enhancing the shape of the cupid’s bow and the curve of the upper and lower lips as well as ensuring the lip size and shape is balanced with the other facial features using the golden ratio.” 

If you’re interested in lip injections, whether bold or natural, is your preference, Dr. Rowe advises going to a physician trained in plastic surgery. 

“No one knows better on the aesthetics of the lips than a plastic surgeon,” he said. “Seeking cheaper options is not the way to go when it comes to your health. Nothing can ruin your holidays like a botched cosmetic treatment on something as visible as your lips.”

Gifting yourself a lip injection will set you back around $500. As for what to expect at the office visit, most lip fillers come pre-packaged and have anesthesia in them, so they might not be as painful as one would expect. But know that after an injection, lips could be swollen for up to three days.