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As far as the dissolution of celebrity marriages go, this one seems pretty swift. Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale have already reached a settlement in the divorce proceedings they started in August after announcing their split, according to TMZ, and apparently Rossdale is taking less than half of their common property in an effort to make things go smoothly. How big of him.

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They apparently didn't have a prenup, by the way. They'll also be going the joint custody route for their three sons, though Rossdale is expected to have them more since his work schedule isn't as hectic as hers. That's the kind of subtle burn I appreciate, TMZ sources.

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Of course, this whole "let's be nice about this and keep things moving" is directly at odds with a Radar Online report that claims Rossdale has been a lot more demanding in the negotiations. "Gavin is seeking at least $50 million from Gwen, along with monthly child and spousal support," a source says, though that's not all: "Gwen can't believe that Gavin is asking for their Beverly Hills mansion as part of the settlement." And honestly, neither can TMZ.

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