Fans of “The Mindy Project” can’t get enough of the hit show and now, thanks to artist Michael Yurkovic, Mindy Lahiri’s office can be seen from an entirely new perspective — miniature!


Made in association with D. Thomas Fine Miniatures of Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, the room box was given to Mindy Kaling, star of “The Mindy Project,” by her departing intern, Rebecca.


Okay, this is insanely cool. Our beloved #themindyproject intern, Rebecca (@rshaww) is finishing her internship and gave me this most amazing goodbye gift. Above: Mindy Lahiri's office. Below: an artisan dollhouse miniature of the office. It's EXACTLY the same, down to the artwork and photos on the walls!!! The talented artist who did this is @dthomasfineminiatures. Rebecca you are my angel!!! 🙌🏾❤️😍💕 now I just need to add sour straw sugar to the floor! My gift to Rebecca will be a fake ID to buy beer JKJKJKJK


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Kaling gushes about the gift on Instagram, saying: "It's exactly the same, down to the artwork and photos on the walls!"


Talk about precision! Think of the time it took to replicate Mindy’s office on such a small scale.Most people today don’t have that kind of patience.

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