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Honey, we shrunk Mindy Lahiri’s office!

Fans of “The Mindy Project” can’t get enough of the hit show and now, thanks to artist Michael Yurkovic, Mindy Lahiri’s office can be seen from an entirely new perspective — miniature!

Made in association with D. Thomas Fine Miniatures of Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, the room box was given to Mindy Kaling, star of “The Mindy Project,” by her departing intern, Rebecca.

Kaling gushes about the gift on Instagram, saying: “It’s exactly the same, down to the artwork and photos on the walls!”

Talk about precision! Think of the time it took to replicate Mindy’s office on such a small scale.Most people today don’t have that kind of patience.

If you’re interested in seeing more miniatures, check out dthomasfineminiatures.com.

Their shop features artisan dollhouses and even 1/12th scale furniture and accessories.

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