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Justin Timberlake threw Jessica Biel an epic birthday party


Justin Timberlake, who is still mad about splitting from *NSYNC, threw his wife, Jessica Biel, an epic birthday party. And since neither of them are quite sure that you’re paying them enough attention, they posted about it numerously on Instagram.

The couple posed in matching shirts that read “Make America Skate Again,” because the best way to show people you really love someone is to get shirts created that make light of the precarious political situation happening in your country. So clever!

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Sign the petition now! #makeamericaskateagain


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Timberlake, 36, also shared a video of himself skating in slow-motion, writing “When you throw a roller skating Bday party for your wife but you can't figure out how to wear your hat..." If you can’t make your wife’s birthday about yourself, why are you even married, you know?

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Biel, 35, wrote on her Instagram to thank her husband for the birthday of her dreams. “I love you to the moon and back. And then back again.” So yeah, I mean she’s clearly into Timberlake’s tomfoolery.

Personally, I stopped loving or trusting Timberlake when he started straightening his hair.

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