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Is *NSYNC planning a secret reunion?

Could *NSYNC be planning a super secret reunion? The two least significant members, who have the most to gain from a reunion — Joey Fatone, 40 and Chris Kirkpatrick, 45 — would really like you to think so.


Justin Timberlake took *NSYNC’s split very personally

Apparently, the former boy band is due to receive a star on the Walk of Fame any day now— and that’s enough reason as any for these dudes to tease a reunion. In fact, while chatting with Hollywood Life, Fatone himself hinted at the possibility of getting back together, saying: “We are definitely doing something with the Walk of Fame and the star, but we don’t know exactly when that is happening. I know people are saying 2017, but we don’t know if it’s going to be this year or next year.”

Honestly, these two need the reunion more than the rest of us do. Nobody else is interested: Justin Timberlake, who arguably has the most star power, is still talking about stepping away from the band.

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Besides, Kirkpatrick spent his time in *NSYNC torturing us all with a sprinkling of bleached dreadlocks on top of his head. And I will never forgive him.

So yeah. Nice try, fellas but no thanks.