Kendall Jenner/Instagram

Stop the press, ladies and gentleman. Kim Kardashian and her little sister Kendall Jenner have posed naked for a magazine. Gasp.

We're not sure if we accidentally got a decaf coffee, but we were just overcome with a huge gaping yawn.

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One thing to get excited about is Kendall Jenner's new nude pictorial gives us an exclusive preview of what could be a future breast augmentation. Thanks to some handy dandy photoshop, the photo features an Amazon warrior queen like Jenner with much bigger breasts. Take a look at Kendall Jenner (now with a side order of enlarged breasts).

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Mrs. West (who had been on a winning streak of keeping her clothes on as of late) probably squeezed the remaining drops of baby oil from her Costco/Sam's Club sized jug to grease herself up for this shoot. Oh, she's also wearing nothing but a coat and a pair of hipster horn-rimmed glasses. See the very naked hipster Kim here.


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