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So, Kirstie Alley wants to make out with Justin Bieber. And I say we let her. Who are we to stand in the way of true happiness? Alley revealed her potentially scandalous desire on "The Rachael Ray Show" during a round of the clumsily renamed game Marry, Make Out or Move On. First of all, come on, Ms. Ray. The game is called F---, Marry, Kill. It loses all of its potency and fun when you over-sanitize it like that. Even the cleaner version the kids on YouTube play would be acceptable: Kiss, Marry, Kill. But yours? No.

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Now then, back to Alley. During the game, she's presented with the choice of Bieber, Harry Styles or Nick Jonas. "We've all seen Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein [ads]. He's so handsome. What a handsome man. I'm just all over Justin Bieber," Alley says. "I want to make out with him." She then says she'd marry Styles to "go on tour with him because I want to seem younger." And as for Jonas? "I'm not so familiar with Mr. Jonas, but he's very cute," she says. "He's just not a booty call like Bieber." OK, now I sort of understand the renaming of the game, because even if they went with the sanitized YouTube version, the headline today would be "Kirstie Alley wants to kill Nick Jonas."

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