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Somehow I knew the bond between Lindsay Lohan and mom Dina "people think we're sisters!" Lohan wouldn't last forever, and this may be what finally does the relationship in. Lindsay is reportedly threatening to call the cops on her mom because Dina is selling off Lindsay's clothing, furniture and artwork online and to friends without Lindsay's permission. Dina's totally sound logic is that items Lindsay put in her garage for storage while filming her Oprah Winfrey-produced reality series are totally Dina's to sell off now. Because possession is nine-tenths of the law and all.

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But that's not all. Lindsay is also freaking out because Dina is trying to horn in on her love of England, as well. Lindsay reportedly hit the roof when she heard that Dina was talks to join the U.K.'s "Celebrity Big Brother" this summer. "Lindsay flipped and began screaming, saying [Dina] had no right to come to England" a source tells TMZ. Hey, Lindsay, look on the bright side: She'd be locked up the whole time anyway.

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