There’s one portion of the Miss USA competition every year that sparks some debates: the swimsuit competition. It’s a traditional part of the competition, and this year’s contestants already showed off their Venus Swimwear in the prelims. Check out all of the contestants in this collection of the Miss USA swimsuit 2018 looks.

But maybe you have questions. Probably either, why is this so controversial? Or, on the other side, why do they still have the swimsuit competition as part of Miss USA 2018?

Why does it upset some viewers of the Miss USA competition? First and foremost for the obvious: That it makes women into a spectacle of pure looks, putting them on stage in skimpy swimwear and allowing the world to ogle. Some take this one step further, arguing that it reduces the worth of the Miss USA contestants to measurements and whether or not they have the traditional “bikini body.”

On the other side, you have people who would let the Miss USA swimsuit component live on, arguing that it’s just one aspect of the competition. The contestants are challenged during the question and answer segment, and many already boast impressive backgrounds that speak to their personality, intelligence, character and charity. These viewers would likely ask you if a smart, talented woman is any less so just because she’s proud to show off her body in a bikini on stage.


miss usa swimsuit 2018 contestant

One thing is clear from reading through the profiles of this year’s contestants, who all already took part in the prelims of Miss USA swimsuit 2018: many pride themselves on their healthy, active lifestyle. Perhaps they see parading around on stage in the Venus Swimwear as a way to show off their hobbies, passions and hard work on their health.

Wherever you stand on the swimsuit portion of the competition, make sure you tune in to the competition tonight. Metro already pulled together a collection of ways to watch Miss USA 2018 to help you out.

Click through the slides above to see all of the looks from the prelims of Miss USA swimsuit 2018

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