Halloweentown on Netflix

The beloved Disney classic is perfect to watch this time of year PHOTO: Disney via Twitter 

Disney's beloved Halloween movie classic about a young girl discovering she's a witch is always a go-to in October. The characters, the story, the town itself make the film loveable and a favorite for kids and adults. It's easy to see why it is so sought after during the Halloween time, it's a feel-good and encompasses all the fun of the holiday. But is Halloweentown on Netflix

What is Halloweentown about? 

The movie starts with 13-year old Marnie along with her younger brother Dylan and sister Sophie begging their mom Gwen to let them go out for Halloween. Their mom is intent on not letting them leave the house and gives no explanation as to why. Meanwhile, their Grandmother Aggie comes to town, and she has a secret motivation for being there. Aggie reads the kids a bedtime story about Halloweentown and the kids realize that the character in the book looks just like Marnie. Later that night Marnie and Dylan   Gwen and Aggie then get into an argument. Gwen insists Marnie will be raised as a normal person and not a witch. Aggie says she disagrees, but actually, she is there for another reason: people have suddenly started mysteriously disappearing in her hometown. Gwen thinks they just moved, but Aggie says it is not that simple. Aggie desperately asks for Gwen's help, but Gwen declines. Marnie overhears the argument. When Aggie sneaks out to leave on a mysterious bus, Marnie and Dylan follow. The children are stunned to find they are en route to Halloweentown where aggie lives. The Kids set out to explore the town and find their Grandmother but what they encounter is something far more sinister, and they discover it is up to them to help save the town along with Aggie. 

Halloweentown on Netflix

Is Halloweentown on Netflix? 

Unfortunately, the popular film is not available on the streaming service. However, there are other ways to watch it. Although Halloweentown is not going to be shown on Freeform's 31 Nights of Halloween, you can watch it through cable on Disney Channel and Disney Channel Go/ DisneyNow app. 


If you don't have cable, you can stream Halloweentown on Amazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play and iTunes.

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