Hotel Transylvania on Netflix

The perfect movie to watch to get into the Halloween spirit PHOTO: Columbia Pictures Corporation 

The unique story on the classic Halloween character of Dracula was an instant hit. With an all-star cast including Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Molly Shannon and more, the film was an instant hit when it came out in theaters. With October being the month to watch all things fun and spooky, people are looking to stream the film now to get their Halloween fix in. So, is Hotel Transylvania on Netflix? 

What is Hotel Transylvania about?

Count Dracula decides to open up a massive five-star, monsters-only hotel in Transylvania after his wife is killed at the hands of an angry human mob. He raises his daughter, Mavis, at the resort and on her 118th birthday, Dracula allows his daughter to leave the castle to explore the human world. However, he sets up an elaborate plan using his friends who happen to be Zombie bellhops to pose as humans and scare her into returning to the hotel. Not only do the zombies lead Mavis back to Transylvania but also another 21-year-old human named Johnny. Dracula disguises Johnny as a monster, but soon the cook at the resort Quasimodo and his pet rat Esmerelda discover Johnny is a human and try to kidnap him and cook him. Dracula saves him and freezes Quasimodo in the process. Johnny and Mavis soon become smitten with one another, when Dracula finds out he becomes infuriated. Johnny leaves Mavis out of respect for her father, and soon Dracula begins to realize he may have made a mistake and judged humans from their past actions. The monsters and humans must learn to accept one another again. 

Hotel Transylvania on Netflix

Is Hotel Transylvania on Netflix?

Unfortunately, the film is not available on the streaming site, but there is a Hotel Transylvania series available that takes place four years before the movie. If you only want the original film, Freeform will be playing it numerous times with their 31 Nights of Halloween.


If you don't have cable, you can stream the film online as well on DirectTV, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Vudu, iTunes and Google Play.

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