Now that we’ve finally arrived in October, fright enthusiasts across the United States are busy getting their outfits, tricks and treats ready for Halloween at the end of the month. Just don't forget the Halloween movies.


But while dressing up as David S Pumpkins, Donald Trump, Wonder Woman, or Pennywise The Dancing Clown and then scaring the bejesus out of your friends, family and neighbors is the culmination of your Halloween activities, there are many different ways to get into the spirit of the holiday before that point.


The most fool-proof way to get into the mood for Halloween is to be scared witless yourself by one of the myriad of horror movies that Hollywood has released over the last couple of decades. But rather than just sticking on the film that has scared you the most in your life, regardless of the time of year that it is set, Halloween will really seep into your bones and make you tremble if you spend the next few days and weeks watching horror movies that are actually set in and around October.


Thankfully, Hollywood has released plenty of films of this ilk over the years. And with plenty of time left until Halloween is actually upon us you can still work your way through the best of them. Take a gander through our gallery at the top of the page to see our picks for the top 10 Halloweeen movies actually set at Halloween that you need to watch in the build-up to or actually on October 31.


Forewarning, though, doing so will almost certainly result in you being crippled by nightmares for days, weeks, maybe even years afterwards. If you actually do become blighted by this impediment then we also have the cure for you, too. Because all you need to do is watch the below, and you’ll soon be dreaming of David S Pumpkins instead.